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By Hannah Phillips and Leah Fox

A horrified barber was left wishing he’d gone for WINGS for lunch instead after finding a huge live moth flying around inside his sealed M&S wrap.

Cameron Meakin picked up the hoisin duck wrap in the Marks and Spencers in Warrington, Cheshire, on Monday [Jul 15] before he claims he made the sickening discovery.

His video footage shows the large black insect fluttering its wings inside the sandwich’s cellophane packaging and walking across the tortilla wrap.

PIC FROM Mercury Press

Cameron, 20, from Warrington, said: “At first it knocked me sick – the fact that it was still alive and scurrying about is what confused me the most.

“I had to lock the wrap away in a cupboard for a bit because I didn’t want to look at it.

“I went to Sainsbury’s to get something else to have for lunch but I couldn’t bring myself to eat that either, the moth put me off food for the rest of the day.”

After Cameron shared the footage on social media, it gained a large reaction from other disgusted people, but some even claimed he’d staged the whole situation.

PIC FROM Mercury Press

However, Cameron’s mum poked fun at the grim encounter, and told him the moth could have posed as a bit of extra protein in his lunch.

Messaging M&S on Facebook to complain about his terrifying discovery, Cameron said he was asked to return the wrap to the store.

There, a staff member put the wrap in a bag to send off for inspection, classing it as a ‘foreign body found in food’.

Cameron said: “I just want to know how it got in there.

PIC FROM Mercury Press

“I think M&S need to put some precautions in place and I’m worried about how safe the rest of their food is.”

In a statement, a M&S spokesperson said: “We are really sorry to hear about Mr Meakin’s complaint.

“We are currently investigating with our suppliers and our customer services team are in touch with Mr Meakin.”