Amazing Video

By Federico Cornetto

A talented diver was filmed jumping from cliffs in stunning locations all over the world.

Ellie Smart, 23, from Kansas City, is a professional high diver and the youngest currently representing the United States in international competitions.

Ellie has a bronze World Cup medal to her name and became a permanent diver on the 2019 Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series.

In a compilation of videos filmed by boyfriend Owen Weymouth, 20, Ellie is seen jumping from vertiginous heights in amazing locations around the world.

These include a cliff in stunning El Nido, Philippines, the famous Raouche Rocks in Lebanon and an old bridge in a Bosnian village.

Ellie said: “I started regular diving when I was five and dove in high school and college.

“I quit after college, not thinking I would ever dive again, and then I found out about cliff diving and started doing it.

“The difference is we dive from double the height, so from 20 metres, and we land on our feet instead of head first.”