Animals Video
By Kristiana Hall

They say pride comes before a fall – but this lion was left red faced after misjudging his balance – and rolypoly-ing down a hill.

Safari guide David Githu was leading a tour around the Mara Triangle, Kenya, when his camera operator James Mureithi managed to capture this bizarre moment.
David said: “We were sitting with a group of lions who weren’t very active at the time.

PIC FROM WildEarth/Caters News

“This lion attempted to lie down on top of a termite mound, but miscalculated the angle and went tumbling down the hill, head over feet.
“He  one of our camera operators managed to catch this scene of a lion attempting to lie down at the top of a termite mound but miscalculating the angles and rolling all the way down the hill instead.
“It was a pretty funny moment, as the lion wasn’t hurt.”