Offbeat Video
By Randal Coombs

These Lion King characters helped reinforce the Circle of Life as they took part in a family’s gender reveal.

When Rachel Craig and her husband Jesse, 34, took three-year-old daughter Paisley to the Animal Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, on July 7 she had no idea just how magical the trip would be.
As they stood in front of Rafiki, he suddenly held up a plush toy of Nala – just like he holds Simba aloft in the Disney classic – to signal the family are due to have a baby girl.
Rachel said: “We could not be more grateful to all the employees who helped us pull this off.
“The Lion King is my husband’s favourite Disney movie and my daughter has been on a Lion King binge lately.
“We knew Animal Kingdom was going to be our first park and having a sealed envelope with the gender & not knowing was going to be extremely tough to keep sealed for very long.
“Just to be prepared, we decided to purchase a baby Simba and Nala on our first night.
“My husband approached two amazing employees and mentioned our idea knowing nothing would be guaranteed as the characters are only supposed to dance with the entire crowd.
“The employees said that is an absolutely amazing idea and we are going to do it right here, right now.
“They went over and grabbed Rafiki from the dance party and the rest is history.”