Amazing Video

By Randal Coombs

A devoted dad whizzed his disabled daughter around a skate park in a wheelchair.

Izzy Maedor may be in a wheelchair due to being born with cerebral palsy, but dad Ashby was not going to stop that from them enjoying a quick spin.

Having spotted the ramps and rails behind their local park in Suffolk, Virginia, on July 5, the 31-year-old father grabbed the handles on his 11-year-old daughter’s chair.

Running her up and down some of the park’s inclines, the pair can be heard giggling aloud as Izzy clearly enjoyed her first skating experience.

Mum Sarai said: “Izzy loved going around the skatepark, we’ll definitely be going back.

“We try to have as much fun as we can wherever we are.

“Sometimes the fun has to come to them in their wheelchairs.

“We definitely test the limits with the chairs so they will smile big and giggle loud.

“Izzy especially likes to pick up speed and go hard.”