Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

New technology could help train the next Muhammad AI-li as it combines boxing and computing.

Christian Thostrup, founder of JABII, first thought of the idea to combine a boxing glove with an extendable arm when he and his son boxed, with his son claiming it was unfair his dad had a longer reach.

Reinventing the traditional glove by attaching an extendable arm with an app that can change some settings on the tangible arm as well track global leaderboards.

PIC FROM Caters News

It had to be extendable for equal play, but also strong enough to defy gravity and give each punch just a little more oomph.

Based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, JABII uses sensor packs to record hits on opponents while the rubber pack on the tip of the arm allows for safe contact.

Christian said: “I wanted to create that experience for my kids’ generation, not by stopping the digital wave, but rather by utilising it.

“That is how I made the decision to combine gaming and activity by rethinking physical play for kids and adults.”

The 42 coiled springs provides an explosive nature to the punch, ready to drive the pad into the opponent.

The app can also set up matches with various rule changes between players and the ability to record fights to share after the battle.

The newly released promotional video depicts players engaging in a hard-fought battle of strategy and athleticism, trying to out manoeuvre one another to win the bout.

The device is open for pre-orders now and set to ship in December 2019 and this video provides an insight to the exciting new device.