Animals Offbeat Video

By Joe MacFarlane

This never-before-seen gender reveal is for the upcoming birth of this sanctuary’s donkey with all the other playful farmyard critters participating in their own way.

Lester Morrow, a high school teacher from Plum Grove, Texas, runs Ima Survivor Donkey and Farm Animal Sanctuary for the animals that suffered the wrath of Hurricane Harvey and the consequential floods.

The pregnant donkey in question is Ima Jean and Lester was in-charge of gathering the residents of the sanctuary together in order to reveal the big news.

Goats, donkeys and chickens converge in anticipation for the big news then Paty the pig dug into the especially made cake that eventually reveals the appropriate colour, blue!

Lester and the animals were ecstatic with the news, goats climbed cars, longhorn cows played with gym balls and Ima Jean couldn’t help but dig into some blue animal crackers.

Lester said: “My wife made a cake for the pigs using blue frosting, they were the ones to do the actual reveal since Paty was another of our flood survivors.

“We used food colouring for cattle cubes for the cows, a blue ball for Tex our longhorn, blue food colouring on the animal crackers for the donkeys and goats.

“We named the baby Harvey, it was our own way to honour those who we lost in the hurricane.”