Offbeat Video
By Jamie Smith

The incredible footage shows a group of skydivers flying in a ‘wingsuit formation’, over the pyramids.

Juan Mayer,47, a professional filmmaker and skydiver from Argentina, captured the daredevils freefalling, during a trip to Cairo, Egypt, earlier this year.

Pic by Juan Mayer/Caters News

He said:  “I was invited by a group of professional skydivers to film them in freefall flying over the pyramids.
“In the picture you can see a group of skydivers flying together a ‘wingsuit formation’.
“On this jump my favourite capture was the moment when the group of skydivers I was filming were passing on top of the Pyramids flying in formation.

Pic by Juan Mayer/Caters News

“They got together in freefall and the flew right over the pyramids in a very symmetrical wingsuit formation.
“It was an amazing event, it gave me the once in a life chance to film skydivers flying over the pyramids.”