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By Lucy Notarantonio

A Canadian man has spent £18,500 in a bid to transform himself into a human Ken doll.

Jonathan Dylan, 30, from Vancouver, Canada, – who now spends £1k [$1640 CAD] per month on his beauty regime – undergoes regular Botox and fillers in his lips, cheeks and jawline alongside teeth whitening, spray tans and waxing.

Jonathan, who is a social media influencer, ensures he has a spray tan every week to maintain a sun kissed glow, wears coloured contact lenses and has his hair highlighted monthly – all in a bid to look like Ken.

After starting his quest in 2015, Jonathan has spent an estimated £18,500 on his looks and has no intentions of stopping anytime soon.

PIC FROM @jonathandylan/Caters News

He said: “When I was five years old, I got my first Ken doll, he had blonde highlights, blue eyes, and dark eyelashes.

“He was tanned with good bone structure and I knew that was what perfection meant to me.

“As I got into my teenage years, I started wearing fake tan and makeup as I wanted to look glamourous all the time.

“My family weren’t too impressed at the beginning as my look began to spiral out of control, I will admit I went a bit over the top with fillers in 2014 to 2017.

“But now I am older and tasteful – I still regularly get fillers to enhance my lips but just the right amount. I usually get a top up every three months with Botox too.

PIC FROM @jonathandylan/Caters News

“Ken doesn’t have wrinkles so why should I? I get Botox in my forehead and around my eyes.

“I find it makes you look so much fresher; I love how flawless my skin looks after a Botox boost.

“I am a loud person so If I have something to say, I will say it, I don’t need to tell someone I am angry with facial expressions.

“I looked hideous a few years ago as I took lip fillers to the extreme but now, I know what looks good and most importantly, like Ken.

“I have enhanced my jawline and chin by adding filler to make it appear much sharper and pointier.

PIC FROM @jonathandylan/Caters News

“I also have fillers in my cheekbones to make them more defined and stand out.

“I have known from a young age that I want to look like Ken so I will do whatever it takes to achieve this look.

“I work out daily by lifting weights to get a perfect body like Ken and the past six months I have become obsessed with spin, an exercise class on a bicycle.

“I go every other day it is like a therapy session for me to release all my tension.

“I also attend body sculpting sessions – a procedure that destroy fat cells without surgery which helps with my abs.”

PIC FROM @jonathandylan/Caters News

Jonathan, who is also a social media influencer, boasts over 54k followers on Instagram.

He adds: “I am always getting stopped by people in the street or at the airport as I am known for being a real-life Ken.

“I am so happy that I am finally where I want to be, I feel like I have made it.

“I am in the process of launching my very own lip pump as I am best known for my lips it makes sense, there is no better person to make this product.”


Spray tan – once a week – since 2017 – $40 [£25] = $4,160 [£2,500]
Lip filler – $650 [£400] – he has had fillers 20 times since 2015 = $13,000 [£8000]
Chin and Cheek fillers – $3250 [£2000]
Botox – forehead and around eyes – $740 every three months [£300] – since 2017 = $5920
Highlights every two months $200 [£122] – on and off since he was 18 – $12,000 [£3600]
Teeth whitened every three months – $200 [£122] – since 2018 = $1600 [£950]

TOTAL COSTS – $30, 193 CAD [£18,500]