Offbeat Video

By Jack Mobley

A genius Dutch mechanic transformed a battered Volkswagen into a rollable car.

Emile Luijben, from Baarle-Nassau, in The Netherlands, took the remains of an old Golf and added various elements to make it able to roll upon harsh and suddenly braking.

Perfectly bended roll bars were welded to the frame of the vehicle to ensure it could smoothly topple over and land back on the wheels, while the wheelbase was shortened to disrupt the balance of the car.

The video depicts Emile and his assistant having fun testing the rollability of the vehicle, taking a few attempts to execute a full 360-degree roll.

The suspension takes a beating and the car’s flaws still show by stalling but that aside, the project is a success.

Emile said: “We do what we like most and hope to inspire other people to start their own projects.

“The ideas just pop into my head, so I keep a list of creations I would like to build, sometimes we just pick one and start building.

“I like disassembling old machinery to find the parts I need to build something completely different.

“I enjoy testing the vehicles most, the test is the climax of the build.”