Amazing Video

By Joe McFarlane 

A skilled slackliner managed to pull off an incredible front roll while staying perched on the thin wire high above the ground.

For most people, staying perfectly balanced while perched hundreds of metres above the ground would be a difficult enough task, but not for skilled slack-liner Yannick Loerwald.

While participating in the Highline Festival in the Kadisha Valley, Lebanon, the Austrian slackliner managed to pull off the ‘Yoda Roll’ trick.

The incredibly difficult trick requires a lot of practice as it requires the slackliner to perform a front roll while staying balanced on the thin wire.

But this was no problem for Yannick who managed to perform three rolls in a row.

Architect and fellow slack-line enthusiast Johan Sakr, 29, managed to capture the incredible sight on camera.

Johan said: “Being on a highline is already a challenge physically and mentally, so doing tricks is something else.

“The high liner has to have reached the level where they’re supper comfortable on the line and with the height underneath.

“Slacklining is a beautiful sport where it’s more mental than physical and that’s what makes it beautiful.”