Amazing Video

By Federico Cornetto 

A peckish paraglider snacked on a bowl of Lucky Charms while gliding hundreds of feet up in the air.

Blackhawk pilot and hobbyist paraglider, Mark Huneycutt, 27, filmed himself flying over Boryeong, South Korea, on July 4.

Mark equipped himself with a box of Lucky Charms, a milk carton and a bowl to enjoy a relaxed snack while up in the air.

After a couple of failed attempts and a handful of cereal spilled over the Korean landscape, the pilot managed to munch on his favourite cereals.

Mark said: “I do often eat while I am in the air, generally take small snacks with them.

“I believe this could have been more dangerous if it were a more turbulent time of day but I took off in smooth conditions with no other air traffic to be safe.”