Animals Life Video

By Kristiana Hall

Fancy an African wild cat in your living room? It may sound crazy, but one Russian woman has pushed pets to the extreme – as she lives with two Serval cats.

Mikhaela Baranichenko, from Moscow, a 26 year old make-up artist, is the proud owner of Bast, 10 months and Miki, two years.
She said, “my Servals eat 1.5 kg of meat daily and love to play very much.

“In the wild they can jump up to three meters high so at home, they can jump on anything and everything and love to sit on the highest places, like a book case.

Pic from Mikhaela Baranichenko/Caters News

“You need to hide all wires from them – as they love to chew everything just like many dogs.

“When a Serval is small, it can play with the usual toys for a cat but when it gets older – you need to change toys to bigger ones.

“My two Servals aren’t friends – they get jealous and can’t share me.

Pic from Mikhaela Baranichenko/Caters News

“They both love me very much and their link to me, I would say is stronger that between me and any other animal I’ve had before.

“They are very faithful and trust me so sometimes it’s hard to believe that a Serval is a wild animal.