Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto 

A team of animal rescuers have saved the life of a distressed baby raccoon trapped in a basketball net.

Armando Navarrete and Ernesto Poblano from the LA Animal Services disentangled the young animal from the netting on July 5 in south Los Angeles, California.

The video shot by Armando shows the baby raccoon nervously lashing out at its rescuers while its mother overlooked the scene from a nearby rooftop.

PIC FROM Caters News

Armando said: “We believe the young raccoon was entangled in the netting since early morning, possibly from the night of the Fourth of July.

“When the mother raccoon first came out from under the dwelling, we were kind of shocked.

“We thought she was going to attack us, but then it was clear she was only concerned about her young.

PIC FROM Caters News

“When she made her way up the fence to the rooftop of the garage, we thought now she’s going to attack, but again she was just nervous for her baby.

“Once we got the raccoon free and set it on the ground, she did look at us and growled and then they both took off.”