Animals Video

By Mikey Jones

These captivating images show some of nature’s most awesome beasts as you’ve never seen them before.

Taken by photographer Will Burrard-Lucas, 35, the photos were taken using his state-of-the-art BeetleCam, the highlight’s of which appear in his book “Land of Giants”.

The images were taken over a decade long period across Africa and include some of his favourite images such as the elephant queen and a lion cub alongside its mother.

Will said: “BeetleCam was an inflection point in my career: it was the first time I married my passion for photography with my creativity in the workshop, to develop a new device that would enable me to photograph animals in new ways.

PIC BY Will Burrard-Lucas / Caters news

“Since then, I have continued to develop a host of devices, including the camera trap products which have become a business in their own right through my company, Camtraptions. In a way, BeetleCam paved the way for many of my achievements over the last 10 years.”

Will added that of all the photos in his collection, his snap of the elephant queen is his favourite.

He said: “The photos of the elephant queen are my favourite because she is such an incredible and rare animal and the BeetleCam perspective was perfect for showing her tusks stretching down towards the camera.

PIC BY Will Burrard-Lucas / Caters news

Will was able to capture intimate shots from below using a specially-concealed remote controlled camera buggy known as a ‘BeetleCam’, which he developed in 2009 to capture close-up photos of potentially-dangerous African wildlife.

His images, first taken in partnership with Tsavo Trust in August 2017, have now been released for the first time as they are set to feature in new book ‘Land of Giants’ which document his experiences in the conservation area.

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