Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane

With the #bottlecapchallenge sweeping the internet as summer 2019’s viral trend, one man didn’t allow his neuromuscular disease to get in the way of the fun.

Shane Burcaw, 27, suffers with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, which is a neuromuscular disease that causes muscle weakness.

Needing a wheelchair to move around, Shane requires help with daily life activities like showering, changing his clothes, and eating.

However, Shane decided to throw his hat into the Bottle Cap Challenge by filming his own version at his home in Minneapolis with fiancée, Hannah.

Unable to move his legs, Shane instead used his wheelchair, zooming up to the bottle, using precision and timing in order to kick the bottle cap off with one slick move.

Shane humorously said: “As my toe grazed the bottle cap and ever-so-delicately popped it off, I felt like my life finally had a purpose.”

Through vlogging, writing and running of the non-profit organisation, Laughing At My Nightmare, Shane has shown the world that having a disability doesn’t mean you can’t be happy or fulfilled.