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By Kristiana Hall

This make-up artist is a bit more literal than most – creating her stunning portraits using only a lipstick and her KISSES.

From Marilyn Monroe blowing kisses, to feminist icon Frida Kahlo, Alexis Fraser, 34 from Chicago has managed to capture their exact likeness just by using her lips and creating a ‘kiss print’ with the lipstick she wears.

PIC FROM Lipstick Lex/Caters News

She said, “I’ve always had the desire to break through as an artist – and differentiate myself from others.

“I was about to create a large portrait of Marilyn Monroe back in 2012 and thought of creating the classic icon with the feminine medium of lipstick.

PIC FROM Lipstick Lex/Caters News

“So I used a multitude of my kiss prints – as Marilyn would so iconically blow her kisses to her fans, and she was, and still is very much loved and idolized, this method/artistic approach felt very appropriate!

“After executing with success, the seed to continue on the path of lipstick art was planted.

“My hope for my art is to advocate for love, to take this positive symbol of the kiss print and allow it to serve as a warm and vibrant source which evokes positive emotions in all who come in contact with my work.”