Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane

A teenager with Tourette’s turned the air Cordon Bleu, as she swore throughout a cooking tutorial.

Ryleigh Hawkins, 18, is a student from Pleasant Point, New Zealand, who overcomes her Tourette’s syndrome on a daily basis by filming everyday scenarios turning into hilarious escapades.

Even the simple task of cooking an omelette turns into an expletive-ridden adventure that would even make Gordon Ramsey blush.

The first challenge Ryleigh faces is controlling her tics long enough to successfully crack some eggs, at one point almost punching her hand into the bowl.

But despite all this she succeeds with minimal damage and only one egg casualty.

Though it’s a rocky road with a lot of swearing, Ryleigh makes it to the finishing line, only to launch her tasty looking omelette to the floor in a frustratingly comical moment.

Ryleigh said: “I honestly wasn’t too shocked when I dropped the omelette, but as you could see from my reaction it was very funny.”

In the end, Ryleigh doesn’t allow her disorder to control her life, and ultimately uses her hilarious videos as a way to entertain and inspire people who may be dealing with issues in their own lives.

Ryleigh said: “When I’m on camera, my tics get triggered and it can be very hard to cook.

“When I am chill and off camera it isn’t too hard but there is a guarantee that an egg will get smashed.

“As I have gotten older the severity of my tics have decreased but I still find some things difficult such as carrying things that I might throw or yelling out embarrassing things in public.

“I definitely have embarrassed myself with my Tourette’s, but there’s nothing I can do so I just get over it and carry on.

“When life throws you a curve ball you can choose to let it consume you or take power over your life back and use it and turn it into something good.”