Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane

An inventive cook managed to roast a whole chicken in just 10 minutes by using 12,000 matches.

Move aside beer can chicken, amateur chef Alex Trifonov, 23, may have started the next culinary trend.

Instead of taking a disposable BBQ to the shores of Volga, Russia, Alex the craftsmen visited the beach with his own make-shift cardboard oven and raw chicken.

Deciding against the conventions of charcoal, Alex decided to use between 12,000 matches in order to cook up his finger licking chicken.

Taking only 10 minutes to cook through, the end result appeared to be a pretty tasty chicken, though Alex’s friend wasn’t that impressed.

Alex said: “My friend said he had tasted better.

“It was just an experiment since I like to do stuff with matches.

“It will be something to tell my children as many people are surprised by this way of cooking.”