Animals Video
By Hollie Bone

These two political piglets joined the running to be top hog and secure their place at Number 10 – but Jeremy Grunt came out as a clear winner over Boaris Johnson’s no SQUEAL Brexit in the race to rule the roost.

Staff at Pennywell Farm in Buckfastleigh, Devon, put on the pig race to predict the next PM and saw crowds from both sides of the party cheering on their preferred contestant.
No deal advocate Boaris donning a blue neckerchief while his more reserved colleague Jeremy Grunt wore the European colours of blue and yellow.

PIC FROM Theo Moye/Mercury Press

But it was Mr Grunt who brought home the bacon in the end, leaving his blonde-haired foe on his pigtails and proving the pig-STIES have it – while sadly comrade Jeremy Porkyn wasn’t even part of the contest.
Race referee Ben Hayden said: “As with any political race, there are a few hurdles along the way but it was great racing conditions and it was quite a clean race, there wasn’t too much back-biting.
“Boaris Johnson definitely resembled the politician he represented – he was a fair-coloured pig with light floppy hair.
“Both were hungry for victory but Jeremy Grunt was the winner.

PIC FROM Theo Moye/Mercury Press

“We’ve been running pig racing for seven or eight years now and we did our first political one in 2015 at the time of the general election.
“We predicted the winner then, so maybe we have this time too.”
Valerie Bickford-Beers, from the farm, added: “Our political pig races are just a bit of fun and they’re a nice refreshing take on the political news that everybody gets bogged down with.”