Video Viral

By Neo Bye 

A 61-year-old mum pulled off an incredible Jenga move out of nowhere to keep herself in the game, leaving everyone involved shocked and amazed.

While playing a humble game of Jenga in her backyard in Ames, Iowa, with her friends and family, Susan Hauk pulled off an impossible move in order to keep her in the game.

Faced with a teetering tower, Susan decided to remove one single Jenga brick with a fierce two-fisted punch.

Instead of the tower toppling over into a heap of wooden rubble, the single brick flew away, leaving the remaining tower completely intact and Susan still in it to win it.

Susan’s son, Joseph Hauk, 26, was one of the many amazed by the bold move.

Joseph said: “This was the first time she has ever tried anything like that.

“Everyone’s reaction to it was amazing.