Nature Video

By Federico Cornetto

A shop’s security cameras have captured the moment an earthquake shook the building’s walls and nearly caused it to collapse on itself.

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake was registered on the morning of July 4 in Southern California, and is believed to have been the largest one to hit the region in almost 20 years.

The powerful tremor was felt from Las Vegas to Long Beach and was centred 124 miles North of Los Angeles in an area known as Searles Valley.

Although no casualties have been reported so far, several buildings were damaged, and some closely escape the catastrophe.

CCTV footage from inside Ledesma Chiropractic, in Ridgecrest, California, showed the moment the shops’ walls started shaking with some frames crashing on the floor.

Owner David Ledesma said: “Fortunately we were not at work, and none of us was injured.”