Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane 

An amateur botanist got more than he expected when he took a stroll through the fields and came across an abandoned coyote puppy in desperate need of his help.

Locomotive engineer Joey Santore, 36, likes to unwind by taking a stroll and recording his botany adventures around California.

But on one eventual trip to Siskiyou County on June 23, Joey stumbled across a young, emaciated coyote, desperately trying to run away.

Quickly realising that the pup was all alone and there were no other puppies or parents around, Joey decided to chase after the spooked animal.

Clearly frightened and exhausted, the eight-week-old female could barely muster up a fight, and allowed Joey to take her back to his car.

After finishing off his exploration into the world of botany, Joey took the little pup back to his home and gave her a bath, before taking it to a shelter.

Joey said: “The coyote’s parents were likely shot.

“After I gave her a bath, I took the Coyote to a wildlife rehabilitation centre the next day.”