Amazing Video

By Neo Bye 

A skilled artist heads to the beaches of France in order to create some inspiring and intricate pieces of art in the sand.

Over the last four years Tarain Jehan-Benjamin, 38, has been heading out to the picturesque beaches of Charente-Maritime, France to create some truly massive and breath-taking pieces of art.

Using inspiration from his daily life, the internet and even tattoos, Tarain brings to life giant, temporary masterpieces that require aerial drone shots in order to capture the true scale of the sailing ships, monstrous Krakens and awe-inspiring Whales he brings to life.

Tarain said: “I have drawn on the beach since March 2014 and I have made about 200 projects.

“Making designs on the beach can take between two to four hours depending on the tides because I’m working at low tide where the sand is wet and compacted.

“Generally, my pieces are about 60m in diameter and most of the time I work alone to make the whole design on the beach.

“Sometimes friends help me for fun, but I don’t have a team for my projects.”