Animals Video

By Mike Jones

Welcome to Rabbit Island, a holiday resort for bunnies.

The small island of Okunoshima, situated in the East Sea of Japan, is occupied by hundreds of wild rabbits that roam freely amongst the tourists.


The island was originally used by the Japanese to produce poison gas during the Second World War but now has other uses.

There are many theories as to how the rabbits got there in the first place, with one being that school children bought eight to the island in 1971, where they bred until they reached their current population.


And with the island being a predator-free zone, dogs and cats are banned, the bunnies’ population will soon reach the thousands.

Bree Corthorn, 22, from Brisbane, Australia, visited the island in January and said: “I’ve always loved bunnies however they are illegal to keep in the state I live so I was determined to make the trip to see them.

PIC BY @beatniik / CATERS NEWS 

“My favourite thing was definitely being able to see the bunnies in their natural habitat.

“There is a little store at the ferry station where you can buy small bags of pellets to feed the bunnies, I bought six.


“Whilst there we stayed mostly in the same area of the island, laying and playing with them.

“They are surprisingly very cuddly, not shy or timid at all and if you shake your bag of pellets they will come running.

PIC BY @beatniik / CATERS NEWS 

“Japan has many bunny cafes full of caged, scared bunnies and I know that all over the world they are kept in cages too, so it was really special to see them nestle and sleep in groups together.”