Offbeat Video

Bilal Kuchay

A 50-year-old man from Pakistan is addicted to eating wood and he has been at it for the past 25 years.

Mehmood Butt  first started eating wood and leaves because he was too poor to even afford a basic meal.

“There was too much poverty in my family. Everything was beyond limit and it was very difficult for me to get a meal,” said Butt.

“I thought it is better to eat wood rather than begging on a street,” he said.

Years later, as Butt took up work and could afford meals, he found himself strangely addicted to eating wood and leaves.

“Eating wood and leaves has become my habit now,” he said.

Butt earns almost £5 a day by transporting things from one place to another on his donkey cart. His eyes are always set to eating fresh wood and leaves.

“He will stop his cart on the roadside anytime and will eat fresh tree branches,” a local Ghulam Mohammad said.

Mehmood Butt, who is popular in his neighbourhood for his eating habits has left people shocked as he has never fallen ill from eating wood.

“He has never visited a doctor or any hospital. We are shocked how can a person not fall ill despite eating wood all these years,” said Mohammad.

Butt’s favourite wood is Banyan, Tali and Suck Chain trees.