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By Lucy Notarantonio

A creative mum spends up to 11 HOURS a day to transform her face into illusions using makeup or iconic cartoon characters.

Hannah Chilton, 31, is a self-taught makeup artist who has created a bunch of impressive looks that play tricks on the viewers eye.

PIC FROM Caters News

The mum-of-one, who is also a carer for her son, Archie, four, says she will often wait for him to go to sleep in order for her to practice all evening.

Hannah – who is known as Hannah Grace on social media – was inspired by Toy Story 4 last week [June 22] and couldn’t be happier with the results after previously turning her face into the Toy Story cover with all the characters on her chest.

The former chef, from Andover, Hampshire, said: “Transforming my face into a bag into Rex the Dinosaur was great fun – it took me 11 hours to complete.

“I used a mixture of face and body paint and makeup.

“I love to follow trends and keep up to date with the looks I create which is why I chose to create a couple looks from the new Toy Story.

PIC FROM Caters News

“I love creating every look and the feedback I receive is always really positive so that always makes the long nights worth it.

“I tend to create three or four looks a week whilst my son is asleep, by the time I have finished a look, it Is almost time for me to get up with Archie.

“It is crazy that I spend eight to ten hours on average doing my makeup to then take some pictures and wash it off.

“I would love to one day turn my hobby into a career, but I must learn how to speed up, I am a perfectionist, so I like to make sure every look is amazing before I upload it to social media.

Hannah – who only currently creates her unique make-up looks as a hobby – hopes to venture into theatrical art later this year.

She has been thrilled with the response to her ‘The Illusionist Artist’ Facebook page so far and has already gained thousands of followers across her social media pages.

PIC FROM Caters News

Hannah boasts over 100k followers on Tiktok where she uploads a mixture of her looks from illusions to film characters. 

She adds: “It all began last year when I was face painting then I realised I am pretty good at this and I was having fun [March 18]

“I have a few children’s parties lined up for this year which I’m really excited for.

“Archie is none the wiser about my hobby as when he wakes up I’m back to my normal self again.

“I don’t tend to wear much make-up normally but I’m always looking for my next inspiration when I’m out an about.”