Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto

This is the incredible moment a firefighter used a video of a mother duck’s calls to prompt four ducklings to walk out of a drain pipe.

Firefighters from South Metro Fire Rescue arrived in Littleton, Colorado, after receiving a report of ducklings trapped in a storm drain on June 20.

Upon arrival the team found eight ducklings in distress.

While four were easily rescued by hand, four had walked down a pipe under the street and were too far away from their mother to hear her calls.

It was then that firefighter Michael Velasquez used his mobile phone to search for a YouTube video of a mother duck’s calling for her ducklings and prompted the babies to run towards him and out of the pipe.

Spokesman from South Metro Fire Rescue, Eric Hurst said: “A woman driving by had noticed the mother duck frantically pacing and quacking nearby so she called the fire department for help.

“All eight ducklings were safely rescued from the drainpipe and placed in the middle of an open field nearby where they reunited with their mother.”