Amazing Video

By Joe McFarlane

An adventurous traveller experienced the bizarre and eerie scenario of being the only person flying out of notorious North Korea’s isolated Pyongyang Airport.

Everyone loves to get away on holiday over the summer months, though nobody likes the long queues and stresses of checking in at an overcrowded airport.

But for adventurous traveller Jordan Simons, 28, the noise, crowds and hustle and bustle of a capital city airport were nowhere to be found. Instead Jordan found himself in the bizarre and surreal situation of being the only person checking into a capital city airport on May 4.

Travelling from North Korea to Beijing, Jordan found that in order to be allowed access to the airport, he had to be accompanied by two guides for the journey from his hotel.

Upon arriving at the airport Jordan found the carpark was completely empty and even his two North Korean appointed guides found it difficult to gain access to the locked-up airport.

Finally gaining access to the airport, Jordan found he that was the only living person there.

Looking like a scene from an apocalyptic zombie movie and not being allowed to leave the airport unescorted, Jordan wandered the barren halls of the spooky airport, were even check-in staff couldn’t be found.

Jordan said: “I was the first person to arrive at the empty airport, where there were only two flights per day.”

For a lot of people, the idea of visiting the controversial nation of North Korea would rank bottom of their bucket list, but for Jordan, his desire to look behind the curtain couldn’t be denied.

Jordan said: “I decided to visit North Korea mainly out of curiosity.

“I wanted to gain an insight into one of the most secretive countries in the world and document my experience for other people to see.

“Contrary to belief I felt safe the whole time I was there and everyone I interacted with was polite and courteous. The strangest experience had to be being alone in the airport for a couple of hours.

“But honestly, I felt completely comfortable in the airport. It was a little eerie since it was the only time I’ve ever been alone in an airport, but I think that feeling would’ve been the same if it was anywhere else in the world too.”

After two solitary hours, Jordan was finally allowed to check-in, but then he had the joy of travelling out of the country on the world’s only one-star airline.

Jordan said: “The flight was actually much better than I expected. There were no problems at all and more leg room than most budget airlines.

“I even got given water, a burger and a North Korean newspaper.”