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By Neo Bye

An adorable cat has an extra set of toes so large they have they have their own centre pads and look like multiple paws.

When Olivia Daye rescued orange tabby Marshall, she instantly realised there was something special about him.

Looking closely at his paws she noticed that he had one extra toe on each of his paws, looking like he is wearing a pair of mittens.


PIC FROM Caters News

Incredibly with Marshall – who has preaxial polydactyly – the extra toes on his front paws are so large that they appear to have their own centre pad, like extra paws.

Olivia said: “I hesitate to call them just toes because they have their own centre pad and he seems to be able to extend and retract them like the rest.

“On his back feet he only has one extra toe on each.

“He’s got a really funny personality so I’ve been able to make friends who just want to see more videos of him being goofy or taking his walks.”

PIC FROM Caters News

Olivia took Marshall in when he approached a friend on a walk on a freezing cold winter’s day, clearly unperturbed by her barking dog.

He uses his extra limbs as a way to great effect though and has recently learned to climb posts near his home in Albany, New York.

PIC FROM Caters News

Olivia said: “He ran out from under a porch shivering desperate for loving even though they had a big barking dog.

“I brought him in to warm him up, he fell asleep on my coat and I couldn’t give him back up.”