Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane

One song-lover learnt the hard way that her cat can’t stand her singing, by receiving claw attacks to the face every time she starts a note.

Helen the grumpy moggy certainly wouldn’t make a good member of The Aristocats, as every time she hears Liz Kronyak break into song, she flies into a fuzzy furry of anger.

The 29-year-old, from Secaucus, New Jersey, loves to sing around her apartment, however her two-year-old Tuxedo Cat is certainly not a fan, as not even Liz’s rendition of the beloved Friends song “Smelly Cat” can get a pass.

Every time Liz bursts into song, Helen jumps into her face in a fit of anger and annoyance, creating comedy gold.

Liz said: “When I start singing it grabs Helen’s attention. Sometimes she goes in for the attack immediately, while other times she slowly creeps up on me.

“It took a few occurrences before I put two-and-two together, but eventually I realised that it was my singing which set her off. Helen loves to hate more upbeat and high-pitched songs.

“Helen is not declawed, she has all 18 of her claws. But she is not trying to inflict bodily harm on me, although I do get the occasional accidental scratch from time to time.  

“Helen is ball of fun. I know it is just her playful nature coming to the surface, and if she is enjoying herself, that is all I could ever care about. A playful Cat is the sign of a happy, healthy, trusting Cat.”

Maybe there’s a song out there that Helen enjoys?

Liz said: “If I discover one, I’ll let you know!”