Offbeat Video

By Randal Coombs

Move over Jay Z, there might be a new billionaire rapper in town after a talented four-year-old wrote and performed his own adorable song.

Nathan Ontiveros was spending some quality father son time with his baby boy Nah when they started playing with some recording equipment.

As the four-year-old stood in front of the microphone at home in Grand Prairie, Texas, on June 2 he started chanting ‘my name is Noah, I’m with my dad’.

After his dad pressed record, Noah added the lines, ‘I got my toys, these haters mad’, and loved the results as did more than 3million people who have seen the song online.

 Nathan, 26, said: “Noah loves recording music and has done since a young age.

This is actually his third time recording a song.

“He did one when he was only 21 months old and another one when he was about two-years-old. 

I love to record songs too and I’ve recorded different parodies for the past seven years.”