By Mollie Tracey

A teenager with a 30J bust has undergone a breast reduction op at just 15 years old.

Abbey Thomas, from XXX, Kent, was fed up of being stared at by onlookers in the street because of her large 30J chest.

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From a young age the medical student had battled against inappropriate comments from men twice her age – and she even tried to hide her chest under oversized jumpers.

Abbey struggled to find bras to fit and was often forced to wear ones that were too small, causing her severe back pain.

But despite originally being denied surgery because of her age, in February 2012, Abbey underwent the knife and 1.5kg of breast tissue was removed.

Now a D cup, Abbey admits the surgery changed her life for the better and wants to help other young women struggling with their insecurities.

Pic by Caters News

Abbey, now 20, said: “I was terrified when aged just 14 I was walking down the street and a group of guys shouted, ‘Look at the jugs on that’.

“All I wanted to do was cry and run away and this wasn’t the only incident, there was plenty more comments which led me to hide my body under baggy t-shirts.

“It all happened so quickly, one day I was flat chested and the next I had bigger boobs than all of my friends.

“I got my first bra fitted when I was only 12 but I was already measuring as a DD cup.

“As a teenager I would lock myself in my room and cry as I hated being so different from all of the other girls my age.

“At school I would avoid PE, I hated getting changed in front of others and I was quite limited in what sports I could actually do.

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“If I ran too much my boobs would hit me in the face, it was really embarrassing.

“My breasts kept growing and by the time I turned 15 I was a 30J, I struggled to find bras that were age appropriate as all of the bigger sizes were designed for older women.

“Each bra would cost around £30 and because I was constantly growing I would often have to replace them.

“After the surgery my boobs were reduced from a J cup to a D cup, I knew I had made the right decision and I am so much happier because of it.”

Aged just 15, Abbey began suffering with severe back pain and her mum suggested breast reduction surgery.

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However she was told by her GP that she was too young for the operation.

Abbey added: “The pain in my back and neck was really uncomfortable, I used to take regular painkillers and I even had physio to help reduce it.

“Girls at school always said how lucky I was to have big boobs but I felt self-conscious and fat despite only being a size 10 in clothes.

“I was limited where I could shop as most places didn’t stock a J cup and I was forced to wear an H cup.

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“But because I then started to hide my boobs my friends would tell me that they weren’t even that big, I felt like they were demeaning my struggles just because I didn’t show them off.

“My mum urged me to get a second opinion and so in 2011 I was referred to a specialist who agreed to operate, they could see the physical and emotional strain my breasts were causing.”

Abbey’s surgeon told her that the operation would leave her permanently scarred and the chances of her being able to breast feed in the future were slim.

Despite feeling nervous, Abbey knew it was something she needed to do.

Abbey said: “Just before I went into surgery I panicked and thought I might regret it, but my mum pushed me forward as she knew how much pain I was in.

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“There is very little emotional support for young women, I didn’t realise how anxious I would feel and no one explained how different my breasts would be afterwards.

“But despite this I knew I had made the right decision and I want to encourage others not to be ashamed and to ask for help.

“As a female we know what is best for our own bodies, I knew that for me big wasn’t beautiful despite men telling me otherwise.

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“I didn’t get the breast reduction for anyone other than myself and that’s the attitude that I’d like to pass on to my younger siblings and to all the young ladies trying to make it through some very tough teenage years.”