By Chris Adams

A motorcyclist claims to have caught the moment he was almost ‘run off the road’ by a ‘dirty’ driver distracted while taking a corner because he was too busy PICKING HIS NOSE.

Furious biker Fahad Arshad says the van driver forced him towards the kerb as both vehicles vied for space on a road near Notting Hill Gate Tube station in London.

The 31-year-old IT technician believes the ‘selfish’ van driver was unable to concentrate properly on the turn because he was so engrossed in his unhygienic habit.

The biker’s helmet-cam footage appears to show the driver picking his nose as he comes dangerously close to Fahad on the corner and then again moments later.

Fahad, from Victoria, central London, said: “I thought it was disgusting. He almost forced me on to the pavement, and for what? To pick his nose?”

“If you can’t wait until you’ve pulled over to pick your nose then you’ve got a problem. And if you can’t stay in control of your van then you’ve got another problem.

“I was clearly ahead of him coming in to the bend and then all of a sudden he was right on top of me with his van.

“My knee scraped the ground on the kerb as we came round the corner and I genuinely thought I was going to come off.

“I thought to myself ‘why is he being so aggressive?’ so I pulled up next to him and tried to talk to him. He was a bit of a weirdo.

“He didn’t acknowledge me at all so I was waving my hands in front of him to try to get his attention but he just drove on and picked his nose again.

“There’s enough room to get a bus round that corner but this guy was obviously too busy finding a bogie.”

Fahad said he invested in the helmet-cam after a number of near-misses on London’s busy streets as he makes his way to and from work on his Yamaha NZ1.

Fahad said: “In the previous couple of weeks I was nearly killed twice. I’m a careful driver, but it’s dangerous being on two wheels.

“I thought maybe this guy wasn’t well and he’d lost control of his vehicle, but there he was again, picking his nose a few yards down the road.

“If he’d have been going a bit faster he could have knocked me right off and into a pedestrian. It’s selfish and dirty.”