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By Jasmine Kazlauskas

A real life ‘Frozen’ couple coincidentally named Elsa and Olaf have opened up about how their lives have completely changed since the popular Disney movie was released.

When Elsa and Olaf Morgan, both 45, first met back in 2012, they had absolutely no idea just how iconic their unique names would soon become in the hearts of minds of children around the world.

Pic by Asanka Ratnayake/Caters News

Following the release of the iconic Disney film ‘Frozen’ in 2013, the loved-up pair from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, said they ‘couldn’t believe their ears’ when they watched it for the first time and realised that two of the main characters shared their unique names.

And although they thought it was an ‘incredible coincidence’, business owner Elsa and IT worker Olaf – who tied the knot in 2015 – said they never imagined the famous film would end up changing their lives completely.

The enamoured couple have since become living legends after their enchanting names unexpectedly snowballed to stardom following the global success of ‘Frozen’ – with the pair now being subjected to curious questions and laughs of recognition from strangers wherever they go.

Pic by Asanka Ratnayake/Caters News

Mum-of-two Elsa said: “Life has never been the same for us since the movie Frozen came out.

“We had no idea when it was first released. But then we started getting friends and family who kept telling us to watch it.

“The first time we saw it, Olaf and I were just killing ourselves laughing the entire time.

“We couldn’t believe that two of the main characters from a famous Disney film could have the same names as both of us.

“It was such an uncanny and incredible coincidence, but we thought it was absolutely fantastic.”

Pic by Elsa Morgan/Caters News

The pair’s famous names have unbelievably landed them in some hot water from officials, who suspected fraud after they completed some transactions from a joint business account – but were thankfully exonerated after proving their identity.

Elsa and Olaf added that even traveling together has changed since ‘Frozen’ was released – with their passports and ID’s conjuring up plenty of ‘smiles, questions and comments’ from people working at airports and hotels.

British-born Olaf, who is originally from Staffordshire in the UK, said: “We never even thought much about our names before the Frozen phenomena took over.

“But now it gets brought up at least three times a week from complete strangers.

Pic by Asanka Ratnayake/Caters News

“The funniest times are when Elsa and I are together, travelling or checking into a hotel.

“Our passports or IDs will be checked, and the person behind the counter always gets this massive smile on their face.

“The craziest thing that happened was when our joint business account was suspended because they were suspicious of our names.

“We had to prove our identity and it was all fine in the end, but we thought that was pretty outrageous.”

While the couple say their children Alfie, four, and Georgie, one, are too young to appreciate the significance of their parent’s names, the pair cannot wait for them to watch the film when they are older.

Pic by Asanka Ratnayake/Caters News

And with a Frozen sequel set to be released in November this year, Elsa and Olaf say they are getting prepared for another Disney rollercoaster ride.

Elsa said: “It’s been such a fun journey and we’ve had so many laughs along the way.

“We can make people smile and that means everything to us.

“It really feels like Olaf and I were meant to be.

“It’s like magic that this would happen to us and just confirms that we belong together.

“The names Elsa and Olaf will be intertwined together forever now and so will we.

“It’s really beautiful and we wouldn’t change it for the world.”