Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto and Randal Coombs

A teenager has become an internet sensation by galloping and hurdling around like a horse.

Student Ava Vogel, 16, has mastered the unusual ability of jumping over obstacles on all fours, just like an equine would.

Ava, from Edmonton, Alberta,  has been practising her jumping for six years and trains by galloping around her house and trotting on treadmills on her hands and feet.

Ava said: “It all began when I was 10 and started horse-riding – all of my friends would run and jump like horses between events.

“We would jump on the obstacle courses.

“So I started jumping around and then I found other pages on Instagram of people who would do this hobby.

“Now, three years later here I am.”

Ava says her form is similar to that of warmblood horses, as she became ‘inspired’ by the agility of this breed.

In a video tutorial, she explains that to master the horse jump one has to first learn to canter fluently, after which you can start practising your jump by keeping your legs straight and your clenched fists close to your chin.

Ava said: “It’s a really good way to build up strength and stamina.

“There’s a lot of upper body strength involved and you have to build up to that.”

Now, after six years of practise, Ava boasts that she can run non-stop on all fours for over five minutes.

She can jump almost a metre high on four legs, and an impressive one-metre-and-a-half on two, almost her own height.

Ava said: “People don’t realise how much strength you gain, it can really help with other sports like track.

“There are no public events for this kind of things, when I was younger I would do this at horse shows, but it’s mainly a private thing.

“People can have strange reactions when they see this in public.”