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dog rescued

By Luke Kenton

This is the incredible moment a scared and lonely pooch is rescued from the central reservation of a busy motorway.

In between a thriving main road in Bucharest, Romania, a stray dog lay marooned, scared and alone on March 31, after being abandoned by its owners.


With no way of safely crossing, the lonesome pup sits defeated, spread out on all fours under a barrier, just waiting for anyone to help her.

Thankfully the homeless hound’s prayers are answered in the form of Ovidiu Rosu, a veterinary surgeon, who waded through the bustling traffic to gain the dog’s trust and haul her to safety.

Ovidiu said: “The hardest part was to gain her trust as I approached her, the last thing I wanted was for her to get scarred and run in front of traffic.

“She must’ve been abandoned right on the side of the motorway, and when trying to cross it, she must’ve got too scared to make it to the other side.

“Luckily, I managed to approach her quite easily, she really is a lovely dog.

“We’ve named her Berta.”

Ovidiu took Berta back to his home, where she will stay until a permanent family is found for her.

Ovidiu said: “We’ve had a lot of interest in her already, we will be sure to find her the right home.

“I will be sad to see her go though, she has a wonderful personality.”