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elephant rescue

Bilal Kuchay

Four elephants were hoisted from a well, using ropes and a digger in a dramatic rescue.

The elephants were spotted by locals after they had fallen into a well in Kombuvaittakulam, an area in the Sri Lankan town of Omanthai.

It is believed that the two adult elephants and two calves had come to drink water from the well.

After villagers raised an alarm, a rescue team arrived at the spot to get the giant animals out from the well.

A forest official said: “First, we rescued the elephant calves with ropes as it was difficult to bring in a digger to the area.

“But when we were unable to rescue the adult elephants using ropes, we somehow managed to bring in the digger and managed to pull them out,” he added.

In the video, the frightened elephants can be seen trying to attack the digger, however, the wildlife officials blasted water bombs to chase them away.

The elephants ran towards the nearby forest after the rescue operation.