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By Pete Goddard

A mum-of-three who was so worried about a gin shortage after Brexit has taken matters into her own hands by starting a business making her own.

Naomi Joy, 42, from Stourport-upon-Severn, Worcs, has created her own tipple, ‘Vicar’s gin’ – including growing her own berries- after she realised the majority of juniper berries used in gin production are imported from the Mediterranean.

Pics by Peter Goddard / Caters News

The mum of Tillie, 12, Harrison, 10 and Amelie, 5, also started planting juniper at her family’s Oakhampton Estate to safeguard against potential Brexit problems in the future, as juniper is essential to gin production and is very little grown in the UK.

Her goal is to grow other important gin botanicals to enable her gin to be fully made from her own ingredients.

Naomi said: “I love gin- It’s my tipple of choice.

Pics by Peter Goddard / Caters News

“If I had to stop producing it, then that would be a shame as this is a company I want to keep going for a long time, handing it over to my children to take over when I’m older.

“I realised that juniper is heavily imported from the Mediterranean and I have been struggling to find a grower in the UK.

“There is so much uncertainty now with Brexit – if it does eventually happen, there is going to be an increase on botanicals.

Pics by Peter Goddard / Caters News

“My family and friends have been incredibly supportive with many ordering a bottle to try for themselves- so far the feedback has been amazing.

“We are a small artisan business and we want to become suppliers as it has unravelled in that direction. “

Naomi has named the gin ‘Vicar’s, to honour her father who has been a vicar for over 50 years and a big gin and tonic fan- he now has the taster in chief role.

Pics by Peter Goddard / Caters News

She added: “I called the gin ‘Vicar’s’ after my dad – he loves gin and tonic.

“It was a way to honour him and he was really touched – he has appointed himself chief taster.“