By James Somper

A conservationist was shocked to find a 50-year-old can of shandy washed up on a Cornish beach.

A member of Surfers Against Sewage found the can while out catching the sun on Fistral Beach in Newquay, Cornwall on Easter Sunday [April 21].

Christie Middleton was out litter picking following the mad rush to the beaches when she came across the can of Bulmers Cidona cider shandy half buried in the sand – and was horrified by its implications for the health of our oceans.

The drink was created by cider company Bulmers and the can is believed to date from the early 1970s – nearly 50 years ago.

A metal indentation on the can reads “avoid litter”.


Christie said: “I was out with a friend having a drink and noticed there were loads of holidaymakers around the beaching litter.

“I grabbed a bag and started picking up all the rubbish from the people on the beach that day.

“We gathered a bag full on the way back we found the can.

“I saw the can poking out of the sand and thought ‘that looks old’.

“Straightaway I thought ‘it looks old.”

Christie said within 15 minutes of cleaning on the beach she had filled a whole bin bag over the 100 metre stretch on the beach.

Over 60% of the litter was plastic while the remainder was made up of disposable BBQs and bottles left on the beach by bank holiday revellers.

A spokesman for Surfers Against Sewage said: “With plastic pollution, sadly, there is no ‘away’. This can, found on Fistral Beach, Newquay, has been in the environment for at least 50 years.”