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By Mollie Mansfield

A teenage girl has been cured of her crippling phobia of chewing and slurping that forced her to sit alone in restaurants and nearly throwing up for 14 years.

For her entire life, Danielle, 14, would feel physically sick anytime she heard someone eat or drink around her – to the point that she would refuse to have her meals near anyone else.


After years of leaving the room if anyone drank a cup of coffee, to sitting alone in restaurants on family meals, Danielle’s mother, Jayne Beaufoy, 43, took her to the GP to see what was wrong.

Doctors told them there was nothing that could be done to help her daughter, Jayne, from Coventry, West Mids, leading her to turn to cognitive hypnosis in a bid to help cure her daughter.

Now, after one hour of hypnosis, Danielle has been freed from her phobia and is able to eat and drink around friends and family.

Jayne, a University senior project manager, said: “Since she was younger she would always complain about the sound of people eating or drinking.

“If she was stood in the kitchen and you were drinking a coffee, she would get very distressed and leave the room immediately.


“Any time we would try to have a family meal at the dining table, she would make an excuse to leave and eat by herself.

“When it came to family occasions, she would make sure she was sat separately in the restaurant when she would eat, or would just refuse to go.

“But luckily since she has had her hypnotherapy, Danielle has been able to go out for family dinners and sit around the table with us.”

Despite Danielle’s phobia having been present since she was a young child, Jayne claims that it was most noticeable from the age of nine-years-old.

She said: “Danielle would always have issues with other people eating, but it wasn’t until she was nine that I knew she needed help.


“We had visited a family-friends house and she had refused to sit at the table, and got very agitated and upset when they tried to encourage her to join them.

“So when we got home from the trip, I decided to take her to the GP where she had hearing tests – but there was nothing that could be done to help her.

“I initially thought she was just being an awkward pre-teen and thought she would grow out of it, but she was very stubborn about the fact it wasn’t just a phase.

“So when I read about hypnotherapy on social media, I knew we had to give it a go – and luckily after one session she gradually started to become less bothered by the sounds.”

Since having hypnosis in 2018, Danielle has been able to enjoy eating with her family at the dinner table as well as going out to restaurants for celebrations.


After meeting with cognitive behavioural psychotherapist and neurology expert David Kilmurry, Danielle was diagnosed with ‘misophonia’ – hatred of sound.

David said: “Danielle was very sweet and sensitive – the family had almost completely lost hope thanks to the UK universal mind.

“Cognitive behavioural therapy in a light manner is powerful and can help a child question abnormal discomfort and fears.

“Misophonia having said that is very different – it is real you can hear it and it triggers painful nausea so in this case it’s a major psychiatric breakthrough.

“It has been life changing for her, socially she can now eat out and hear others it’s been dismantled and I cannot be happier for this lovely kind hard working family.

“I’m excited for Danielle and honoured to be part of her personal development – a young person needs doors opened and misophonia had closed many of them.”