By Kristiana Hall

An owl has managed to perfectly camouflage itself while sleeping on a tree trunk.

Alice McKay, 67, was visiting a lake Britannia Conservation Area in her hometown of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada when she photographed the owl last Month [March 26 2019].

PIC FROM Alice McKay/Caters News

The retired school teacher was thrilled to have found the owl considering how well he was camouflaged.

Her images show the grey coloured owl perched in the middle of the tree trunk while it sleeps.

Alice said: “It has been very cold with grey skies this spring, and on the day I took the images, the sun was shining brightly and the skies were blue.  While the temperature was still cold, the owl was sleeping and enjoying the warmth of the sun.

 PIC FROM Alice McKay/Caters News

“I was thrilled to have found the owl, especially considering how well he is camouflaged.

“I like to photograph any kind of wildlife that I can find but usually birds as they are most easily found in an urban area.”