By Hannah Crocker

Meet the surgery addict who has splashed out more than £10,000 on treatments after being inspired by her favourite TV star.

Pic from Caters News

Plastic fantastic Karys Goodwin is only 20, but she’s already had four lots of lip fillers since May last year, costing £1,200, and she’s just spent £6,500 on a boob job to take her from a C cup to an EE cup – all in an attempt to emulate her reality TV star idol Chloe Khan.

She also spends nearly £150 a month on hair extensions and manicures, as well as extra treatments like waxing and lash extensions when she goes on holiday.

The model, from Bristol, is already planning her next surgeries – as well as more lip fillers and another boob job, she also wants a nose job, cheek fillers and Botox to complete her plastic look.

Pic from Caters News

Karys, who goes by the stage name Bunny McKenzie for her glamour modelling work, said: “I just love the fake look.

“I’ve always had insecurities since I was young – I had quite thin lips, and as I got older I thought ‘why not do something about it?’

“A lot of people are doing it, and I didn’t see the harm in it.

“When I first got lip fillers it was great – at first they were really big and swollen, just like Chloe Khan’s, and I loved them.

“They looked really pouty which is just what I wanted.

Pic from Caters News

“But they started to go down after a few days, and then I wanted more.

“It’s easy to get addicted.

“Other people would look at my lips and say ‘wow, they’re so big’ – but to me, they started looking really thin again.

“Now I get them done every three months, and it costs around £300 every time.

“When I meet people now, the first thing they ask is if I’ve had my lips done – but I like that, if I get something done I want it to be noticeable.

“I’m not a fan of the natural look.

“I had my boobs done a month ago, and I’m so happy with the result – but now I just want them bigger.

“I took a picture of Chloe Khan with me to show the surgeon, I think her look is incredible – she’s so extreme, which I love.

Pic from Caters News- before treatments

“I look at reality TV stars like Chloe and I think they’re just perfect – I’d love to have their lives, but having their look is a good start.”

Karys struggled with her looks when she was younger, but since she’s started earning her own money she’s seized the opportunity to change herself.

She said: “I was very self-conscious when I was younger, but as I got older I got more into make up – and being able to change my look helped.

“I would watch Chloe and people like her on TV and think, ‘I want to look like that’.

“So as soon as I had the opportunity, I decided to do everything I could to achieve that look.”

Karys’ extreme look gets her a lot of attention, and she often gets cat-called by strangers in the street.

She said: “Since I’ve had my boobs done, I get a lot more attention when I go out.

Pic from Caters News

“There’s a lot of wolf-whistling and people shouting ‘hi sexy’ as they drive past – but that’s not the kind of attention I like.

“I’m single at the moment, but if I did meet someone I like they’d have to be a fan of the plastic look too.

“It would definitely be a deal breaker for me.”

However, not everyone is a fan of Karys’ plastic look – her mum thinks she’s ruined her natural beauty.

Karys, who supplements her modelling by working in a call centre, said: “My mum’s not that happy with all my surgery.

“She thinks I’m ruining the way I look – obviously she made me and thinks I was beautiful before, and she didn’t want me to change.

Pic from Caters News – Before treatments

“My dad’s a lot more laid back though, and he’s happy if I’m happy.

“I love the Barbie look, and I want to look more extreme.

“I’d love to be on a reality TV show myself one day too.

“People say I look like a clown, but I laugh it off – this is how I want to look, and if people don’t like it they know where to go.”