Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto

A footballer proved it is possible to score without touching the ball in this hilarious viral clip.

Pablo Parra is a legend of Argentina club Cipolletti, and one of the highlights of his career is this cheeky dummy feint with which he stunned an opponent goal keeper.

Pablo was about to receive a pass from team-mate Luis Alberto Carranza, when he stepped over the ball instead, confusing the keeper – who could only watch it roll on to the net.

The goal by the Cipolletti legend, which actually took place in 2013, has recently gone viral after being posted on Instagram – racking up more than five million views.

Pablo, who is now a 46-year-old coach and father-of-three, said: “It was a beautiful moment for me, a very special occasion.

“At the time not many people thought much of it, but my kids recently uploaded the video on social media and now everyone’s watching it.”