By Mike Jones

Now that is what you call a real bike shed!

A wendy house on wheels was seen whizzing through a village with the cyclist pausing only to smoke.

Alison Belcher was so shocked at the mobile home that she had to stop her car on the school run to marvel at the cyclist ingeniously saving money by transporting the house himself.

PIC FROM Caters News

Alison said: “I was just minding my own business stuck out by my car and I thought, ‘My God, you don’t see that everyday!’

“It was a Wendy house, open at both ends but it looked quite dangerous.

“He was cycling along and then he stopped by the road for a cigarette and carried on again, everyone who saw him thought what on Earth is he doing?

Alison was not the only one to be left baffled by the cyclist riding from inside a children’s playhouse as she said everyone in Woodstock, Oxfordshire stopped and stared at him.

“It was quite strange really, I got out of my car and thought what the hell is he doing? We all had the same look on our faces.

“What’s most amazing is how he was able to balance it, it’s both incredible and worrying at the same time.”