Animals Video

By Randal Coombs

An exceptionally loving dog was caught in the act licking his favourite love seat.

Three-year-old Zephyr – part greyhound, part white shepherd decided to extend his love to his favourite inanimate object.

While sitting comfortably on a love seat at home in Portland, Oregon, zany Zephyr lovingly and gently licked his comfy throne.

The tender and relaxed lover can be seen taking his time making sure that the couch knows just how special it is to him.

Zephyr’s owner, Raynette Grant has become used to Zephyr and his extremely loving ways.

Raynette said: “Zephyr likes to lick when he’s feeling exceptionally loving. 

“He likes licking me and his dogsitter, but this was the first time he licked his leather couch.

“Zephyr is generally a quirky doggo.

“I have had many dogs, rescued many dogs but Zephyr is quite different. 

“His father, the love of my life, passed away two and half years ago. 

 “Before he unexpectedly passed away, he told me that he got Zephyr for me and that Zephyr will always watch out for me.

“Zephyr never leaves my side and no leash is needed.  

“I am truly blessed to have such an opportunity to be in his life.”