Life Video

By David Aspinall

A reckless SUV driver almost hit an oncoming car while overtaking cyclists on a mountain bend.

Stephen Payne was riding in the San Francisco Bay Area New Year’s Day Mount Diablo ride when an impatient driver tried to get past.

Captured on his Cycliq camera, the gold coloured jeep pulls up close behind Stephen before pulling on to the opposite side of the road.

Trying to move past both Stephen and the cyclist in front of him, the jeep almost crashes into a passing saloon while trying to squeeze through the gap left.

Stephen said: “Mount Diablo is notorious for incidents.

“The road is narrow and windy, so there are few opportunities for motorists to safely pass a cyclist.

“There has been a campaign by a local group to try and get more attention on this from the local authorities.

“They have had some success with warning signs about not passing on curves, and some turnouts added where possible.”

Cycliq CEO Chris Singleton said this wasn’t the first potentially life-threatening incident captured on the company’s bicycle cameras.

Chris said: “Bike cameras make everyone more accountable on the roads.

“This footage is just one of hundreds of examples of unsafe behaviour on the roads globally.”