By Josh Saunders

A chilling camera capture shows a ‘haunted’ 116-year-old doll appear to blink in selfie despite not having eyes or eyelids.

Paranormal investigators Craig Jones, 28, and Matt Wood, 48, couldn’t believe the figure not only appeared have her eyes closed but also have eyeshadow and mascara on.


They were inside an abandoned building in Mansfield, Nottingham, known as ‘The Village’ or ‘The Village of the Damned’, when the unusual activity occurred.

The ghost hunters were eager to take a shot with the doll who is believed to be called ‘Janet’ and was originally owned by a Texas family in 1903.

She is now under the ‘supervision’ of paranormal investigator Miki York, after being reached out to by a lady on Twitter begging him to take the doll.

It’s claimed that people often feel sick, dizzy and often get headaches in the presence of Janet, as well as hearing footsteps and weird voices. 

The paranormal pair were taking a selfie with the creepy eyeless doll when they noticed the unusual finding in their photograph.


Craig, a boarding support worker, said: “I love haunted objects and actually being on an investigation with a haunted doll is amazing, which is what made me want to get a picture with her.

“We took a picture with Janet, Miki York’s haunted doll and as I looked at the picture it looked like her eyes were closed.

“But then I remembered that she doesn’t have any eyes or eyelids and just has empty sockets, so I turned my torch on to check, as it was dark and I saw that’s she doesn’t.

“We were confused and took more photos to try to recreate it, but couldn’t, then other people then tried but also couldn’t recreate it either.

“When we showed Miki the pictures he was surprised as he had never seen that before with her and it’s a great photo.

“We showed a lot of other people at the event and everyone said that it’s ‘crazy’ and ‘very creepy’.


“People also said that it definitely looks like her eyes are closed and it looks like she has eye lashes and make-up on.

“I think knowing that she is a haunted doll you are curious around and want to experience what she can do.

“But like anything paranormal you can’t make it perform like a circus monkey as we are dealing with a human spirit here.

“It’s about showing respect to her. I personally didn’t get a feeling from her, but I know many people have.”

The haunted doll was given to Miki York, by a Texan lady named Julie, who he claims reached out to him on Twitter asked him if he would take her.

He was told that the doll was given to Julie’s grandmother by her grandmother in 1903 and the eerie toy had been haunting people ever since.


Miki said: “All of Julie’s family hated the doll and hated coming round to her house when the doll was on show.

“It ended up being put and locked away in the loft. She reportedly heard footsteps coming from the loft.

“When she arrived at my house, I did a spirit box session with her, just to see if I could get any information out of the supposedly haunted doll.

“When I asked for the doll’s name, I got the name ‘Janet’ come through and so she became Janet.

“Many people feel sick or dizzy when around her and in her presence. Also being have said they get headaches when watching videos of Janet online.

“In my house, I’ve had voices and shadows downstairs and also my daughters bedroom door opened on its while I was filming a video with Janet.”


Craig and Matt run the YouTube series ‘The Unknown’, releasing shows about the paranormal world and their findings.

Previously, while using a spirit box – equipment believed to communicate with ghosts through radio waves – they heard a voice that they believe solved the mystery of ‘Nun’s Bridge’.

When asked a question about how the ‘pregnant nun’ who is believed to haunt the area died, the voice chillingly replied ‘You know’ then later confirming ‘murdered’.

This new finding reiterates the pair’s passion for the paranormal world – they claim to be unable to work out what caused Janet the doll to shut her eyes.

Craig said: “I don’t know if it’s a trick or the light or something else, but it’s something that we can’t explain.

“We can’t explain it and no one else who was at the event could either, so that makes it very interesting.

“We just want to thank you to Miki York for bringing her along and allowing us to meet his amazing doll.”