By James Somper

 A four-year-old ‘superhero’ has spent hundreds of hours litter picking in a full costume and cape after vowing to rid his hometown of rubbish.

Pint-sized protestor Parker Lawrie was inspired to start cleaning up after learning about the impact of rubbish on wildlife in a lesson at school.

Pic by Dilantha Dissanayake/Caters News

Since then, the caped crusader has spent hours litter picking in local parks and streets in his hometown of Walsall, West Mids while dressed as his DC comic book hero, The Flash.

Reception pupil Parker has even roped in friends and neighbours to join him in his litter picks and even wants to start arresting fly-tippers.

The mini militant’s mum Chelsea Walla, 30, said: “He gets a huge sense of pride when he picks up litter.

“I said to him ‘you’re a real hero’ and he just started wearing his Flash costume because he wants to do his best to save the animals.

“When he sees how much rubbish he’s collected, it makes so happy.

“He’ll go out in all weathers come rain or shine.

Pic by Dilantha Dissanayake/Caters News

“He’s obsessed with animals and once he knows something harms them he’ll try and do everything he can to protect them.

“I’m so proud, every parent thinks their child is perfect but he really is.”

Chelsea said Parker first started to collect litter for recycling after learning about litter at school in February.

When Parker gets home from school every night he gets changed out of his uniform and goes out to collect rubbish to emulate his hero, comic book character The Flash.

He cleans parks and streets in the Aldridge and Rushall areas near Walsall and has found dumped rubbish ranging from food packaging to vintage VHS tapes.

Mum-of-one Chelsea, a professional dog walker, said: “I picked Parker up from school one day and he seemed a bit reserved and sad looking.

Pic by Dilantha Dissanayake/Caters News

“I asked him what was up and he said he’d learnt about litter and what it did to animals.

“He said that birds died from eating plastic and as we were walking back there was a lot of litter on the street and he started trying to pick it up.

“When we got home the first thing we did was to order a litter picking stick, it arrived a few days later and we went straight out.

“He likes how Flash is fast and is morally upstanding. He likes the idea of being able to whizz round and pick stuff up in the blink of an eye.

“He actually thinks he’s a super hero out to save animals and rid the world of rubbish.”

Pic by Dilantha Dissanayake/Caters News

Proud mum Chelsea added that little Parker knows no bounds in his quest to rid his neighbourhood of rubbish.

The youngster said he won’t stop in his mission to clean up his hometown – and has plans to travel across the West Midlands to rid the region of rubbish.

Chelsea said: “He’ll go into parks and woods, he’s fearless.

“The rubbish can be so bad and he gets upset when he sees it. He doesn’t cry but you can tell it stresses him out.

“He’ll go out at five days a week for an hour at least. He’ll even go out on weekends and drags me out to go and do it

Pic by Caters News

“We have a routine where we go to the parks and any large fields as often as we can.

“He wants to build a robot that automatically collects litter and sucks up the bad guys who drop it and sends them to jail.”