By Jacob King

This incredible action shot captures the moment a nature photographer’s dog took to dancing – on water.

In the perfectly-timed photograph, Sylvia Michel’s pet Rasta can be seen emerging from the water in Güttingen, Switzerland, with paws in the air and a look of pure elation on his face.


The Swiss White Shepherd’s delight is such that in one shot he has managed to lift his entire body out of the water – but the proud owner said her pooch is a regular at dancing.

Sylvia said: “You just have to throw Rasta something, and then he is dancing.

“As soon as you say dance, he turns around and around.


“When I looked at the pictures, I thought ‘my boy has so much energy in the water.

“He looks so strong and he looks like he is having a lot of fun 

“And the expression on his face is the expression of a wild animal – I really love that.”